The Claude Marc Forest Scholarship has been established to mentor and support boys who would like to dance ballet. The scholarship is available to cover the costs associated with pursuing dance, and provide mentorship and training to boys in the Kingston area. The scholarship is a ballet scholarship but first and foremost, it is a scholarship to encourage boys in the community to be comfortable with dance. Once an applicant has been chosen as a recipient of the scholarship, there are three different areas that scholarship money will go towards. Every applicants needs are reviewed individually, therefore the application of the scholarship can differ (a recipient is defined as: an applicant who has been chosen to receive the scholarship)

Scholarship Funds are used to cover the costs of at least one ballet lesson per week per recipient.
Tuition costs will be covered for one year (with possibility to extend)

Scholarship Funds are used to cover the costs of ballet attire to prepare the recipient for classes. This may include tights, leotards, shoes, and shorts

Scholarship Funds are used to cover the costs of private coaching with Claude Marc Forest at 5678 dance studio on special occasions.
This can be arranged based on the individual schedule of the recipients

The Claude Marc Forest Scholarship has partnered with two dance institution in Kingston - The scholarship can be used to cover tuition at either of these schools.
If an applicant is attending a different school for training, it may be possible to arrange an individual review of the school; and a decision will be made whether it will be possible to use the scholarship's funds at the the specific institution

5678 Dance Studio / Located at 365 Nelson Street in Kingston, 5678 Dance Studio offers a wide range of dance classes. For most of their ballet program, 5678 Dance Studio uses the RAD dance syllabus. (

The Conservatory / Located at 237 Wellington Street in Kingston, The Conservatory is a classical and concert dance school offering ballet programming in the Russian Classical (Vaganova) tradition (

Applications for the Claude Marc Forest Scholarship are open to all skill levels. All applications will be assessed individually by the directors of the scholarship.

Claude Marc Forrest

*a multi-medium arts collective based in
Kingston, Canada